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If you ask most people what they think of when you mention braces, they will probably respond with a teenager that is afraid to show their smile or covers their teeth when talking or laughing. While that may be the common, pop-culture view of many people, it is not the best one. Even though a lot of children get braces, it’s not the popular view. The reality is that it’s most useful at an early stage of oral development to get braces. In fact, the best age to bring your child into (practice name) for an orthodontic exam is by the time they turn 7.

By the time a child turns 7, all of their baby teeth have been in for a while and their secondary adult teeth have probably started erupting. Developmental problems, if they develop, will begin to show at this age, so it’s the perfect time to start watching for them so they can be corrected early.

Not only are crooked teeth a concern, but many other developmental issues can manifest early in a child’s life, including jaw issues. Orthodontic correction is one of the only ways to ensure that your child’s teeth and jaws grow in the correct, healthy way. Waiting until the teenage years can be a mistake because jaw bones have grown increasingly stronger by that age and can be difficult to correct.

Luckily, if you take your child in at an early age and begin guiding the growth if the jaw and permanent teeth, you can avoid later difficulties and provide your child a whole life with a happy, healthy smile and avoid the embarrassment of braces as a teen.

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