Accelerate Orthodontics with AcceleDent®

Orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference for the health and beauty of your smile. However, traditional orthodontics usually takes a few years. Luckily, there are quicker options. New techniques called “accelerated orthodontics” have the same goal as traditional orthodontic treatment, but accomplish these goals in a shorter period of time. If you would like… Read more »

How to Take Care of a Broken Bracket

Braces are extremely beneficial for your smile, but they can also be very complicated, especially when you break a bracket. However, there are things you can to do improve the situation and begin treating the problem. Those things are: –Step No. 1: Check the damage. Look to see if the bracket is still attached to… Read more »

How to Choose Between Traditional Braces and Invisalign® Braces

There are a lot of options available to people looking to wear braces. One of the most popular brands of braces on the market is Invisalign®. This popularity is because of the advantages Invisalign offers over traditional braces. It should be noted that some circumstances will require traditional braces. Invisalign trumps traditional braces in the… Read more »

Age Seven is the Perfect Age for Your Child’s First Orthodontic Checkup

If you ask most people what they think of when you mention braces, they will probably respond with a teenager that is afraid to show their smile or covers their teeth when talking or laughing. While that may be the common, pop-culture view of many people, it is not the best one. Even though a… Read more »

Six Leg Fun Run

Exciting news everyone! Six Leg Fun Run is almost here! This fundraiser is set up for Texarkana Animal Care and Adoption Center to help find homes and families for our animal friends. If you don’t have a pet, or would like to add to your family, or just crave a fun afternoon, please come by… Read more »

Types of Malocclusion

Braces and other orthodontic treatments are used to treat malocclusion, which means having crooked teeth or a “poor bite.” One’s bite is the way the upper and lower teeth come together. In a proper bite, the upper teeth sit slightly forward of the lower teeth. Few people have a perfect bite. Malocclusion is sometimes a… Read more »

How to Avoid Periodontal Disease While You Align Your Teeth

Gum disease is a dental issue that forms when the plaque on your teeth continues to live on your teeth and irritate your gums. Eventually, it can result in loose and lost teeth if it’s left untreated. Unfortunately, your smile is more susceptible to this disease if you have braces because it’s more difficult to… Read more »

Using Orthodontic Wax Can Keep Your Smile Happy in Braces

If you are currently wearing braces and find yourself susceptible to sore areas in your mouth, you are not alone. Thankfully, you can use orthodontic wax to help your smile feel better during your time in braces. Our orthodontic team is more than happy to help you! Your orthodontic wax is a handy tool that… Read more »

Information on How to Take Care of Your New Hawley Retainer

Dr. installed the braces in your mouth to adjust the alignment of your teeth through the course of regular adjustment sessions. Each adjustment applied progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in their sockets. Now that your ideal alignment has been achieved, can remove your braces and you can enjoy your new… Read more »

Adult Orthodontic Options

Do you have crooked or crowded teeth? Do you worry that you are too old for braces? Orthodontic treatment is not just for children and teenagers. More and more adults are getting braces in , . At , we recognize that our patients have different preferences. Some prefer the traditional route of straightening the teeth… Read more »