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Are malocclusions hindering your confident smile? Malocclusions refer to irregular bites that create misalignments in your smile. These can be as simple as a single tooth slightly out of position or extreme spacing issues that leave major gaps between the teeth. Listed below are a few common types of misalignments that exist:

– Misplaced midlines happen when the center of your upper incisors (front teeth) do not correctly align with the center of your lower incisors.
– Underbites, also known as bulldog teeth, occur when your lower incisors project out further than the upper incisors.
– Overbites, also called upper protrusions or buck teeth, occur when your upper incisors project out farther than your lower incisors.
– Deep bites, also known as closed bites, are severe forms of overbites that happen when your lower incisors dig into the area behind your upper incisors.
– Open bites arise when there is a disconnect between your upper and lower incisors when biting down.
– Crossbites occur when your lower jawbone protrudes out beyond your upper jawbone.
– Spacing issues are malocclusions that feature overcrowded teeth or large gaps between teeth.
– Transposition malocclusions are caused when teeth erupt above the gum line.
– Rotation malocclusions occur when teeth rotate out of their proper alignment locations.

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