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If you are looking into braces, do you want to know what foods you can eat with them? You would be in the market for softer foods, as most hard foods can cause some havoc with your braces. Fortunately, you might like some of these softer foods.

If you enjoy meats, then you would want to get more tender meats. Dishes with tender meat include meatloaf and baked chicken, but do not put breading on the chicken. Breading is not helpful for braces.

If you like eggs, they will not interfere with braces. You could enjoy as scrambled, fried or hard-boiled.

If you are a vegetable and fruit lover, you should be just fine. Soft fruits, such as bananas, kiwis, mangoes, melons, peaches and oranges, pose no problems. Some vegetables, like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower, are a bit too hard when uncooked, but steaming them makes them safe for braces.

Items like mashed potatoes, pasta and soft bread can be eaten without much concern. Pancakes are also soft enough, so if they light up your eyes, you will be just fine.

Smoothies and soups are not taken away by braces either. You can get plenty of nutrition by mixing fruits, vegetables, milk or such into a smoothie. Soups like chicken noodle, tomato or anything with a plethora of vegetables are okay, so if like those, you will be just fine.

If you are unsatisfied with these choices, know that we have not described everything. Our doctor, Dr. Stacee Burson, can tell you more about what foods you can eat with braces so you can maintain them.

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