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Sometimes, you just need a little something sweet. Unfortunately, nuts, candy canes, and caramel seem to permeate the treat scene, and none can be eaten with braces. But there are still lots of delicious foods to eat–especially if you make your own desserts! Here are some delightful options for your holiday season.

Fudge: Fudge is a quintessential treat for the holiday season, and easy to make. Chocolate fudge without nuts or caramel is delicious and simple. To make braces-friendly peppermint fudge, use peppermint extract instead of candy canes. For a delicious nutty treat, try making a smooth peanut butter fudge. Or, use almond or walnut extract in a white or dark chocolate fudge. This prevents nut pieces from getting stuck in your braces and injuring your teeth, gums, or braces hardware.

Soft cookies: While tough or very crisp cookies aren’t an option for you this year, soft cookies are still available to your sweet tooth. Remember– avoid nut pieces and candy cane pieces. Try soft gingerbread, brownies, blondies, or soft sugar cookies.

Pie: Pie is a great option for teeth! Two strong exceptions to this rule are pecan and caramel apple. But don’t fret! Cream, fruit, custard, and meringue pies are all good ideas for a braces-friendly dessert that everyone will love.

If you happen to eat something that breaks one of your orthodontic appliances or knocks it out of place, come in for an emergency treatment today!

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