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There are a lot of options available to people looking to wear braces. One of the most popular brands of braces on the market is Invisalign®. This popularity is because of the advantages Invisalign offers over traditional braces. It should be noted that some circumstances will require traditional braces.

Invisalign trumps traditional braces in the areas of discretion and convenience. The clear plastic design of Invisalign makes it difficult for anyone to know the wearer is using braces. This design is great for adults who are looking to straighten their teeth, without anyone knowing they are doing so.

Also, the wearer is able to slide the clear aligner trays out before meals or before brushing their teeth. This provides the wearer with a convenient way to wear braces while also still being able to eat their favorite foods. Someone using traditional braces is unable to remove the braces until after their treatment is over.

There are some circumstances which would require traditional braces for treatment. Treatment for teeth that have grown in twisted or need to be adjusted for height would be unsuccessful with Invisalign. Dr. Stacee Burson will help you decide which is best for your situation.

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