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If you have a crooked, misaligned smile, then you might be considering your orthodontic options. Fortunately, there are many. In addition to your many braces options, you also have clear aligner options, like Invisalign®. Today, our orthodontist, Dr. Stacee Burson, would like to help you find out if Invisalign is the right treatment for you.

The first way you might know that Invisalign is for you is by thinking about the type of treatment you want. If you desire a straight smile but you don’t want to undergo the traditional orthodontic treatment involving metal braces, then Invisalign could be for you. Because Invisalign involves clear, plastic aligners, you could align your smile without anyone noticing.

The second way you might know that Invisalign is for you is by knowing your orthodontic issues. Invisalign can help with many problems, like overbites, underbites, crossbites, widely spaced teeth, and overly crowded teeth. However, it’s often not recommended for problems that are more severe.

If you have any questions or if you would like to talk to your orthodontist to see if Invisalign is for you, please reach out to Orthodontics by Dr. Burson at 903-334-8080 and schedule an appointment. Our orthodontic team will be happy to meet with you and tell you more about Invisalign in Texarkana, Texas!