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Do you have questions about flossing when you have braces? If so, it’s time to find the answers. Having questions about flossing can lead to an improper flossing routine, which can result in many dental issues and an affected orthodontic journey. So, our orthodontist, Dr. Stacee Burson, would like to help you find the answers you need by providing the answers to the following commonly asked questions about flossing when you have braces in Texarkana, Texas:

Question No. 1: How often should I floss?
Answer: It’s recommended to floss throughout the day if possible, like after each meal. If you can’t, it’s very important to floss at least once a day. Flossing is essential.

Question No. 2: Why should I floss?
Answer: Flossing can help you prevent dental issues and keep your smile and appliance in tip-top shape. This is because it removes harmful substances from the mouth regularly. Flossing can also help you avoid moments when you have food stuck in your smile. This can be beneficial when you’re socializing.

Question No. 3: Are there tools available that make flossing easier?
Answer: Yes, there are many tools that make flossing easier, like floss threaders and water flossers. Feel free to use them!

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