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When you were younger, you may have had lots of friends who wore braces, but how many of your adult friends today are receiving orthodontic treatment? There is a stigma that braces are only for children and teenages, but more and more adults are choosing to improve their smiles later in life. Thanks to cosmetic orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign®, you can improve your smile discreetly and with few disruptions to your lifestyle.

Benefits of Invisalign® clear aligners are as follows:

– Easy to clean because they are removable for meals and tooth brushing
– Less risk of poor oral hygiene during the orthodontic process
– Fully customizable aligner trays that are smooth and comfortable
– Zero food restrictions during treatment
– Virtually invisible orthodontic appliances
– No stigma of having a “metal mouth”
– Easier to care for straight teeth than teeth that are crooked
– Better health for teeth and gums

Conditions of traditional braces in comparison are:

– Irritation in the mouth as a result of poking wires
– Visible brackets and wires that give the appearance of “metal mouth”
– Less expensive than Invisalign and other cosmetic ortho services
– Many food restrictions
– More difficulty brushing and flossing well
– Risk of breaking while being worn

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