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Do you suffer from the TMJ disorder? If so, you likely experience pain, discomfort and limited function in the jaw joints. This can be quite inconvenient. In fact, it can make chewing, speaking and even swallowing difficult. If you’re like many others, you are looking for a treatment to solve the problem. Fortunately, there are many treatments available for the TMJ disorder, and our dentist, Dr. Stacee Burson, is happy to tell you all about them. Those treatments are:

-Taking medications your dentist prescribes. Those medications could be muscle relaxants, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs

-Protecting your teeth and jaw by wearing a bite guard when you sleep

-Physical therapy

-Home remedies, like eating softer foods, strengthening the jaw muscles and using heating packs

-Injections, like BOTOX®

-Using relaxation techniques

-Arthrocentesis, which involves your dentist inserting small needles into the jaw to remove debris and inflammatory byproducts as well as irrigate fluid in the area

-TMJ arthroscopy, which involves your dentist surgically repairing the jaw

-Modified condylotomy, which involves your dentist repairing the mandible rather than the joint itself

-Open-joint surgery, which involves your dentist repairing or replacing the joint

Do you have any questions about TMJ treatment in Texarkana, Texas? If so, please contact Orthodontics by Dr. Burson when you have the opportunity. All you need to do is dial 903-334-8080 and our dental team will be happy to give you the answers and information you need. For more information about TMJ treatment, you can also check out our page here: TMJ