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Sometimes the teeth shift and change, causing a misaligned smile, no matter how well you take care of your oral health. This is quite unfortunate because crooked teeth can take the beauty away from your smile, lower your self-esteem, promote dental issues, and even make daily tasks difficult. To help you know why you might have crooked teeth, our orthodontist, Dr. Stacee Burson, is happy to explain a couple of the common causes.

The first is the natural way your mouth and teeth develop, which can be due to genetics. Sometimes extra teeth, large teeth, missing teeth, and even small jaws can run in the family. These characteristics can create a very crowded mouth, meaning there isn’t much room for the chompers. Because of this, the teeth will want to shift in front or behind the neighboring teeth to create more room around them.

The second is unnatural pressure on the teeth. Sometimes habits, like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking, can cause this unnatural pressure. When they push the teeth, the teeth give in and shift and move out of position. This can result in buck teeth or even over or underbites. It’s best to stop these habits as soon as possible to eliminate the pressure to the teeth.

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